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Joins researchers onboard for an unforgettable experience!

 Come with us for a daily survey or if you want to learn more take part to the summer camps.

For more information visit the dedicated section of the website or contact us!


Takes part in the dolphins monitoring for a day. Come on board with us and, with a bit of luck, you will enjoy observing the dolphins in their natural habitat. You will spend an unforgettable day!

Duration: 4-6 hours

Departure from Porto Empedocle

Onboard of: Inflatable boat with rigid hull, L.f.t.5,50 m


Sea excursions specially designed for photographers and enthusiasts:
days dedicated to wildlife photography and landscaping.


Plan an excursion with us: customizable tour based on specific needs. In other words, the adventure for you!

Do you want to carry out the INTERNSHIP or your DEGREE THESIS with us? For information CONTACT US


You have met a group of dolphins or any other kind of cetacean? Join the scientific research by reporting your sightings accompanied by photographs or video. Help us to protect them!

Summer Research Expeditions . It does not require any specific preparation, or previous experience, nor scientific or nautical experience are required to participants: you only need spirit of adaptation and enthusiasm. Join us, it's an unforgettable experience!

You will be involved in all the activities of the researchers taking part in the long term monitoring project of cetaceans, in the central-western coast of Sicily. The program includes lectures on the biology and monitoring techniques of cetaceans. The knowledge gained during lectures will be consolidated through the research activities that includes: photo identification activity, field data collection and statistical processing.

Expeditions start every week from June to the end of September.

For more informations contact us and we will send you the detailed program!

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